A. W. Tozer once said, “It is time for us to rise up, get out of the rut and routine, and begin to take our Christian faith seriously.”

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a wife, and a mother. And, I am an associate professor in a student affairs graduate preparation program at a public university.

My vision for this blog is twofold. First, I hope to encourage other followers of Jesus who spend much of their time either studying or working in colleges and universities to embrace biblical responses to challenges and opportunities that we face in that setting.

Second, I hope to use this blog to inspire other Christians in higher education to dig more deeply into the Word of God as the ultimate source of truth and wisdom for our profession of faith. To that end, I will strive to set an example of how to apply general biblical principles to our work in higher education.

Note: My posts on this blog do not represent the viewpoint of the university where I am employed. But, I hope that they represent the truth about God and his Word! Should something that I write not align with that truth, my prayer is that those particular words would fall to the wayside.